There are several reasons why many car shipping companies appear hesitant when it comes to getting orders for remote areas or small towns. Some even refuse to go there as it takes more time and effort than the money they make. So if you want to know why they do it or what are the benefits of shipping to or from major cities instead then read this guide below:

Delivery is Usually Faster:

It is easier for the auto transport carriers to navigate through large cities because of two reasons; size and familiarity. Since the size of these car haulers is gigantic, their drivers find it challenging to maneuver through narrow roads in small towns. This way, it can sometimes take several hours for the trucks to just go through a single town as turning the trucks and getting through the traffic is pretty tough.

Secondly, the drivers do not regularly visit small towns, which is why they find it extremely challenging to reach the right address for both pickup and delivery. Both of these issues are not there when the carrier is going to a major city or a metropolitan area. They are familiar with the routes because they have been to these places several times. Furthermore, the wide roads of these cities make it easy for the carrier to make its way quickly.

Availability of Door-to-Door:

Remote locations are not really the favorite of carriers. They mostly get orders from cities, and the flow of order is always good, unless it’s offseason, so they don’t really see the need to go into a remote area. This means that if you need your car picked up from a remote location, carriers might not agree to this.

In this case, you might face delays while the broker tries to convince the carriers to take the booking. Moreover, you might have to book your local transporter to get the car to a city where the terminal of the bigger car shipping company is so they can ship your vehicle.

But if we talk about the major cities, then not only the carrier will happily come to your place to pick up the car, but he will also be able to quickly deliver it to the destination in a major city or town.

It is Usually Cheaper:

Shipping to a metropolitan area or a major city results in lower prices in general. There are two reasons for that. First is that carriers find it easy to just quickly go through wide roads and reach a customer’s address and pick their car up. Narrow roads and foreign areas can keep the carriers guessing the right address, which consumes a lot of their time. Same is for when they are delivering the car, small towns or remote locations are hard to find, and that is why, they charge higher prices.

But if you are getting the car picked up in a major city and delivered to a well-known town, city or metropolitan area, the virtually all of the carriers will be happy to take on the job. So in this case, their prices will be lower than what they charge for picking up or dropping vehicles in remote areas.

Over to You:

Shipping a vehicle to or from a small town doesn’t mean you will have a hard time finding the car transport service, it just means that you can expect some delays, limitation of service a bit higher prices. However, you can always talk to us and we can come up with some sort of way to make things easier for both of us.